The company

The company Holiday Resort i Sandsjö AB was established in February 2013 and runs the holiday resort Sandsjögården. The location at lake Sandsjön and its facility though have a history that began aprox. 6,000 years ago. Today's hamlet Sandsjön was mainly influenced by the resettler time around 1750. Holiday Resort i Sandsjö AB follows in the footsteps and enhances the living history with its Swiss roots. Besides the company's focus on a sustainable development of the facility, it also works to presserve the facilities and location's historical inheritance.

The team

Caroline and Daniel Schafer are the company's driving spirit. The Swiss expats, together with their nordic sleddogs, relocated to Swedish Lapland in October 2011. They had a dream of managing their own charming holiday resort in Europe's last wilderness, and living a life with more quality time for themselves and their dogs. The couple realised its dream at beautiful lake Sandsjön...

Hospitality & Service quality...

… is the company's core theme. We strive to live up to this in a casual and personal manner. Thus, our employees are not only diligent, invisible  holiday resort staff, but more competent advisers, convival entertainers, friendly assistants and professional organisers, with a main focus on the well-being of our guests...


Holiday Resort i Sandsjö AB dedicates its attention on sustainability from a holistic perspective. As a tourism company, this includes a detailed view on and respect for the nature, more the ecosystem in which we live and work. Further, susatinability is also about the people, be it the employee in our company, our dear guest/tourist, whom we welcome to his/her stay at beautiful lake Sandsjön, or neighbours, suppliers and partners...

Visible history at Sandsjögården

Already during the stone age i.e. approx. 6,000 years ago people settled and lived and cooked on Sandsjögården's property. Their huts were constructed geniously. The floor construction was digged into the ground to use the geothermal energy as a natural insulation. Stones were heated at the hearth and used to heat the hut and to cook...

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Sandsjö 122, 924 92 Blattnicksele

Västerbottens län, Sweden

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