Kennel visit - Meet our Nordic Sleddogs

The fascination for sleddogs has been part of our lives since we were teenagers. In the year 2000 the first Alaskan Malamute puppy moved in with us. From that moment on we shared our lives with Alaskan Malamutes. A couple of years later the Greenland dogs added to our pack. The two breeds match wonderfully when pulling a sled or working as a team. While one breed contributes with sturdiness and strength, the other stands for eagerness and a good pace. A few years ago a couple of Siberian Huskys, in need of a new home, joined our pack. What originally started as a hobby became a profession for Daniel, by being appointed to the Polardog kennel on the Eiger glacier in Switzerland. For several years he enjoyed the privilege of working professionally with the dogs, taking care of the Eiger glacier Greenlanddogs, doing thousands of kilometres of tourist rides on the Jungfraujoch "Top of Europe" and showcasing the working quality of the breed at race competitions all over the place. Many events, races and winter camping hours accummulated, that would shape us as persons and nordic breed enthusiasts for all times. Our relocation to Swedish Lapland finally gave us a chance to provide our pooches a life, that keeps the essence of their true, beautiful nature, while having them do what they love most. Without pressure and free of stress we can foster their individual characters and experience the vast space, nature and silence surrounding us, together.

This is planned for the kennel visit


Together we walk down to the kennel. If required, you can borrow a "dog jacket" and/or boots from us, to protect your own clothes from. You might get a little bit dirty.

When ready you will meet 3 of the 4 official nordic sleddog breeds. Let us fill you in with information about the different sleddog breeds, their characteristica, size, weight, fostering, feeding, socialising and working with the dogs.

In our doggy kitchen you will learn about what we feed the, ingestion, digestion, health & hygene and equipment for the work with the dogs.

You are welcome to pose as many questions as you can think of in relation to the dogs!

After the mostly theroretical part it's now time to let some of our furry friends into the large enclosure, where they can run and play. We join them there. This is the practical part, for the dogs will be welcoming you with wild wagging tails, sniffing you from nose to toe, testing your stability or trying to get you to play and run with them. At the same time it is also possible that one or the other will perfectly ignore you, minding their own business. Some of them are true photo models. As soon as they spot a camera they happen to pass by you in perfect poses. Extreme kuddeling and scratching is something almost each and everyone of our pooches love.

We will end the kennel visit with a typical Swedish fika (a warm beverage and a sweet treat). Given the weather conditions we offer to have the fika outdoors. Of course it is also an option to sit down in our cosy diningroom at Sandsjögården.

As a souvenir for your kennelvisit you will receive a photo/postcard of your favourite dog.

Tour dates

20 December through to end of March and 1 June through to end of September.

Daily, upon reservation.



This is included

  • Guided kennel visit

  • Information about sleddogs, equipment and nuriture

  • Meet, pet and take photos with some of our pooches

  • Souvenir picture

  • Fika with warm drink and sweet treat

  • Option: dinner at Sandsjögården (for an extra cost!)


2 hrs tour

Price per person (max. 10 persons)

  • 2 hrs, SEK 350:-

  • Children age 6 - 12 years, SEK 150:- Company of min. 1 parent required

  • Dinner, SEK 260:-
    (Children 6 - 12 years, SEK 150:-)

Further information

For questions and further information or special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. >> Contact
Please note: insurance is matter of the participant!

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