Have you ever tried XC-skiing or Skijöring?

A pair of cross-country skis is something that literally belongs to the basic winter equipment of a local living in these lines of latitude. Our region has a wide offering of awesome XC-ski runs, some of them illuminated, both for classic style and skating.

Besides that, XC-skiing is a great way to easily and smoothly break further into the wilderness, e.g. in comparison to snowshoeing. Once you're comfortable with that, it's time to take your XC-skiing to the next level. The name for it is Skijöring. In this form of XC-skiing you have one of our friendly nordic sleddogs attached to a waist belt you are wearing. You work together as a team, the dog taking over some of your work, while you lean into your waist belt and enjoy being pulled resp. helping, when the flow decreases, or when you need to maneuver. At times this can be quite rapid, but mostly great fun. Curious? We can teach you how to do it and then we head out together on a tailormade adventure.

This could be your adventure

We begin with fitting the XC-skiing equipment to your size and hight. When ready, we give you a thorough instruction and a smooth introduction into cross-country skiing. The focus is on classic skiing and for you to find your balance. 

After you are familiar with the basic technique we head out into the wilderness and ski an easy tour.

If you are booked for Skijöring, then we add the component sleddog after a while of practicing the basic skiing technique. Of course we will begin with a relaxed dog, who will be as happy as one can be to join in for your first Jöring trials. The dog wears its harness and you are fitted with a wais belt to attach the dog to you. Together we head out into the wilerness and practice directly en route with our dogs and especially with help of your dog.

Weather and adventure length permitting, we take a break half-way through the tour, make fire and cook coffee. Our dogs get some water and a snack. We take in the joy of simply sitting around the fire together with our dogs, fueling our energy levels with a cup of coffee/tea, a snack or a light lunch and enjoy nature around us. Of course there is also plenty of time to cuddle your furry team partner. With new energy we continue our tour after the break.

Once back at Sandsjögården we take care of the dogs first and clear away the equipment. Then we gather for afternoon tea with a sweet treat and recap today's adventures.


Why not round up your day at beautiful lake Sandsjön by spoiling your palates with a cosy dinner, or warming your body thoroughly in our log fired sauna directly by the lake?

Tour dates

20 December through to end of March

Daily, upon reservation

This is included

  • Basic practical instruction for XC-skiing

  • Basic instruction for Skijöring incl. a brief training with dog

  • Guided XC-skiing/Skijöring tour

  • English/Swedish speaking guide

  • XC-ski equipment with skis, poles and shoes

  • Waist belt for Skijöring

  • Food & beverage according to tour length

Tour length and price XC-skiing

  • 1 hr, SEK 550:-

  • 1/2-day, SEK 1'400:- (approx. 3 - 4 hrs)

  • 1-day, SEK 1'800:- (approx. 5 - 6 hrs)

Tour length and price Skijöring

  • 2 hrs, SEK 1'350:-

  • 1/2-day, SEK 1'900:- (approx. 3 - 4 hrs)

  • 1-day, SEK 2'380:- (approx. 5 - 6 hrs)

  • Option Dinner, + SEK 260:-

Further information

For questions and further information or special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. >> Contact
Please note: insurance is matter of the participant!

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