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Sleddog sponsorship

Happy, healthy, loved and well cared for - for a dog's life!

Our sleddogs are a part of our adventures offering. They are an inherent part of our SJG family.

It is important to us, that our dogs feel well taken care of and relaxed in their common routines, that they are healthy, and can live out their fascinating, breed specific behaviors. Happy, healthy dogs are the foundation to offer our guests an unforgettable, sustainable adventure with sleddogs.


This includes a.o., that

  • our kennel and the dog houses comply with the requirements of the Swedish Jordsbruksverket (Administrative Board of Agriculture and Animals)

  • our kennel underlies regular controls of the authority to re-confirm resp. upon changes in the law amend any new requirements respectively

  • the dogs are taken care of every single day and when there is a medical issue, that they receive the respective care/help of a vet

  • the dog’s resting spots, sleeping rooms and the outdoor enclosures are cleaned, maintained and repaired on a regular base

  • the dogs have social contact and amounts of petting and cuddling regularly

  • we feed them with high quality food consisting of a premium dry food enriched with fresh meat. This is to ensure that our dogs remain healthy and strong. .


We work with our sleddogs in different sports. They love to follow on snoeshoe hikes or to pull us on cross-country skis (Skijöring) through Europe’s last wilderness. Of course, the younger dogs also pull a sled. These adventures take place in winter.

In summer our sleddogs enjoy a long break with a lot of relaxing, petting, grooming, sun and mud bathing, running and playing in the free-running enclosure. Given the temperatures, they follow on short hikes or run in front of the mountainbike/fatbike.

Our guests often fall in love with our dogs and would adopt one straight on.​ Although we can perfectly understand the desire, we highly recommend to wisely consider all the pros, cons and challenges, sharing your life with a Nordic sleddog include. The decision should never be made without common sense.

How about a sponsorship for your favorite dog?

With a sleddog sponsorship you take over a piece of responsibility, add to the wellbeing of your favorite dog and receive the opportunity to build a personal relation to your sponsored dog and our way of living.

It's been a year since everything changed...

Presently our energetic furrballs are mostly unemployed or rather without guests. Like for so many, Covid-19 put a full stop to our company, too. When the pandemic took over, we decided to tighten our belt and cut the costs to a minimum in every possible corner to cope with the crisis and most important to channel everything into giving our dogs the appropriate care without limitations. Although the financial buffer for rainy days is melting away, we are still convinced, that we will make it through these uncertain times. Nonetheless, more than maybe ever before, a sleddog sponsorship or a donation for our dogs would help strengthen our confidence, that we will get through this without cutting down on the care and supply for our dogs.
The dogs and we are more than grateful for any support and we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Take over a Sponsorship for your favorite sleddog!

We offer four types of sponsorship. For every sponsorship you receive a certificate, regular updates and pictures of your dog. When you are here on-site, your sleddog will be overjoyed to have large amounts of petting, cuddling and grooming time with you. More, our sleddog sponsors can profit from cool SJG offerings.

​Every amount of money is used for the sleddogs and their care. This includes especially food, vet costs, kennel maintenance and material care.


Monthly Sponsorship

Duration min.: 1 year

CHF 25.00 | EUR 25.00 per month

  • Photos, Certificate, Updates, Meet&Kuddle

  • 15% discount on Sleddog Adventure (Hike, Snowshoe or Cross-Country skiing, ½-day tour), redeemable once

Annual Sponsorship

Duration: 1 year

Ontime payment CHF 250 | EUR 250.00

  • Photos, Certificate, Updates, Meet&Kuddle

  • 20% discount on Sleddog Adventure (Hike, Snowshoe or Cross-Country skiing, ½-day tour), redeemable once

Sponsorship „Gold“

Duration: 3 years

Onetime payment CHF 1'000.00 | EUR 1'000.00

  • Photos, Certificate, Updates, Meet&Kuddle

In addition 1x per year for the duration of 3 years:

  • Sleddog Adventure (Hike, Snowshoe or Cross-Country skiing, ½-day tour) for free

  • 5% on accommodation for a week stay

Sponsorship „Platin“

Duration: 5 years

Onetime payment CHF 2'000.00 | EUR 2'000.00

  • Photos, Certificate, Updates, Meet&Kuddle

In addition 1x per year for the duration of 5 years:

  • Sleddog Adventure (Hike, Snowshoe or Cross-Country skiing, ½-day tour) for free

  • 10% on accommodation for a week stay

  • Kennelvisit


Our dogs would be overjoyed to receive a donation. Your donation is used for food and vet costs.
Onetime donation from  CHF 50.00 | EUR 50.00
Especially under the ongoing pandemic keeping guests away due to Covid-19 restrictions we are more than grateful for any support for our beloved furrballs!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your solidarity!

Donate to the following account
IBAN: SE37 8000 0842 0296 4167 5096


Reason for payment: Sleddog donation


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Connected in loyalty, joy and friendship - for a sleddog's entire life...

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