Snowshoe hiking with a nordic sleddog

With snowshoes and a friendly sleddog attached to your waist belt we head out on an adventure hike into winter wonderland. We will experience vast spaces, frozen lakes/rivers or magical forests covered in deep snow, while ascending the next hill. The absolut stillness is only interrupted by the dog's panting and the crunching of your snowshoes. The tours are tailored to any level of fitness. Please speak to us, if you have health/mobility issues or other thoughts regarding a snoshoe hike. This aventure is also very family friendly.

This could be your adventure

First we pack our rucksacks for the adventure and fit our snowshoes. If you prefer, you can of course also use poles for a little more balance. Then we meet the dogs at the kennel, get to know our furry friend for the hike and help put the harness on the dog. You can already feel the excitement of your dog. They love the hikes and can hardly wait to go.

When the dogs are ready and securely attached outside their kennel, you can put on your snowshoes, click in your dog to your harness and off we go.

During the hike we'll find a lot of spots for beautiful pictures and moments to cuddle your dog.

Approx. half way through the hike we stop for a break out in the wild. Our dogs get some water and a snack. Weather and adventure length permitting, we make a fire and cook coffee. We take in the joy of simply sitting around the fire together with our dogs, fueling our energy levels with a cup of coffee/tea, a snack or a light lunch and enjoy nature and the winter wonderland around us.

​After a while it is time to continue. Once back at Sandsjögården we take care of the dogs first and clear away the snowshoe hiking gear. Then we gather for afternoon tea with a sweet treat and recap today's adventures.


Why not round up your day at beautiful lake Sandsjön by spoiling your palates with a cosy dinner?

Tour dates

20 December through to end of March.

Daily, upon reservation and temperature permitting.

This is included

  • Guided tour with a nordic sleddog

  • English/Swedish speaking guide

  • a pair of snowshoes

  • Waist belt for the hike

  • Food & beverage according to tour length

  • Option: dinner at Sandsjögården (for an extra cost!)


per hour / 1/2-day (approx. 3 -4 hrs) / 1-day (approx. 5 - 6 hrs)

Price per person

  • per hr, SEK 680:- | Child, SEK 150:-

  • 1/2-day, SEK 1'780:- | Child, SEK 150:-

  • Daytour, SEK 2'180:- | Child, SEK 150:-

  • Option dinner,
    + SEK 260:- |
    Child + SEK 150:-

    Child price valid for children up to 12 yrs.

Further information

For questions and further information or special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. >> Contact
Please note: insurance is matter of the participant!

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